Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zoo Firsts

Nathan and Anneliese and I went to the zoo on Monday with my oldest friend Jenny.  We needed one last North Carolina playdate before she leaves our home state and moves to a land far far away (Georgia).  Jenny is so awesome and so wonderful and always easy to talk to and hang out with, and even if it's been months since we've seen each other, it's so comfortable with her.  One of those people I can always truly be myself around.  I love her and I can't believe we've been friends for more than twenty years.

Anyway.  The zoo.

This isn't the first time Jenny and I have taken our babies to the zoo together (see: last summer), and it's also not the first time I've found myself wandering the zoo on a hot summer day at eight months pregnant (see: the summer before that).  But we did have a handful of other zoo firsts:

1.) Anneliese's first time not sleeping through the zoo. In fact, she was wide awake and curious and (of course) called every animal a puppy, and pointed and laughed and seemed to love it.  She rode in the stroller about half the time, but when we let her roam free and explore, she didn't hesitate.  Puppy!  Puppy!  Puppeeeeeeee!!!!
Yes, it's a special kind of puppy.  Called a zebra.

2.) My first time making a predictable mom comment about my kid being the one who belongs in the zoo.  I texted this picture to a friend, saying something along those lines, and immediately had to send a follow-up text apologizing for saying the most predictable mommy thing of all the mom things I've ever said since becoming a mom.  Wow. 
But no, seriously, he kind of looks like he belongs in the zoo... right?

3.) Our first time with kids who are old enough to notice the animals are naked.  *sigh*  Nathan and Katie were fascinated by the chimpanzees; they kept their attention longer than any other zoo animal we saw.  They made noises, they climbed trees, they hugged and kissed each other (so cute!) but most importantly (when you're three), you could see their bottoms.  And that's apparently hilarious.  Anneliese laughed and stared right along with them, but I am very sure she had no idea what was so funny.  Also: Nathan now knows the word booty.  Awesome.

4.) Our first time with a kid who will sit on the statues without crying.  Nathan and Katie?  Notsomuch into this.  But mommies love the photo op, and once Anneliese did it and smiled about it, the big kids were more likely to try it out too.

5.) Our first time with kids who incessantly ask questions.  Where are the polar bears?  Why are they sleeping?  Why do they like to sleep inside?  What's your favorite animal at the zoo, Mommy?  What's that chimpanzee's* favorite color?  Why is that lion sleeping when it's not alone time?  What's Daddy's** favorite animal at the zoo? What does the lemur like to eat?  Does the puffin not like the penguins?  Does the giraffe like to eat the tree but not share with the zebra?  Why does Anneliese think that's a puppy?  Hey Katie what's your favorite animal at the zoo?  Hey Katie what's your favorite color?  If this still sounds cute to you, it's because A- you don't live with it, or B- you can admire the inquisitive nature of bright children.  For me, both of those things are true, so I waver between cute and ohdearlordpleasestoptalkingnow.
You guys love it when I talk nonstop, right?
I don't know what he's chattering on about, but *I* love it!

Anyway it was a happy HOT fun day at the zoo! 

*repeated question for every. single. animal. we saw.
**repeated question for every. single. person. we know.


marmie said...

So now Nathan knows "Go by bike" and "Booty." Now to explain to him **24 Hours of Booty.** Have him come watch Marmie bike in a circle over and over with a bunch of other riders. Oh, wait, that is only a few days before Sprout comes, so I guess it will have to wait til next year.

Jenny said...

Great blog post. My sincerest Mommy apologies for Nathan now knowing the word booty. When we got home that day, all I could think about was how Katie acted like a 6 yr. old boy about the chimp booties. Sigh...luckily, she doesn't say it that often. We had a great time too. Love you!