Monday, November 12, 2012

State Fair Wins and Fails (Butter Elvis Not Included)

So, we went to the state fair... about a month ago. (I am so on top of all things bloggity.) With three kiddies, the fair is a bit different than when it was just Mark and me.  This year we didn't get on any adult rides. We didn't see any fancy crafts. We went in broad daylight when the crowds were thin enough to push strollers (strollers! plural! like two strollers!) through. We did not shoot targets to win turkeys. We didn't go into even one exhibit building.

What we did do was ride kiddie rides and eat fried junk food. Yay North Carolina?

WIN - The big kids are old enough to go on rides themselves. And Anneliese's bravery makes Nathan a little less chicken. Sibling support at its best.

FAIL - Charlotte miiiiiight have gotten a bit sunburned on her still-kinda-bald hatless head.

WIN - Daniel Tiger at the pbs kids tent. (Don't ask me why Daniel is the only one looking at the camera.)

FAIL - This was about two seconds before the rooster crowed in Charlotte's face and she completely lost her sh!t. I don't know what her favorite animal will end up being, but I think we can safely say not rooster.

WIN - A friend who helps you manages your strollers and corresponding small people who ride in them. If you don't have this friend, I am sad for you.

FAIL - This stroller might be a bit small for our tall girl.

WIN - Fried everything, and dipped cheesecake on a stick.

FAIL - It's not the state fair until someone chickens out of going down the giant slide. This year? Nathan.

WIN - Both kids eat hot dogs now. I see a light at the end of the picky eating tunnel!

FAIL - Hey Anneliese y u no looky at the camera?

WIN - Being out past naptime is easier if the baby naps anyway. Yay flexible baby! (Actually, yay anything that wears kids out!)

FAIL - no sculptures made of butter.

Another Nathan was properly horrified. You see, he comes from Iowa and in case you didn't know, Iowa has the best state fair of all the state fairs (in related news, Another Nathan has more state pride than most people we know). And at the Iowa state fair, they have a butter cow. It's famous! It's important!

He legitimately couldn't believe we didn't have any butter sculptures at the fair. He kept asking Mark "what, no things made of butter? none? you mean, no butter elvis? no butter Last Supper?" with a straight face.

Actually I just decided North Carolina's lack of a butter Last Supper might be a WIN.


EMU said...

Love this post!

But wait. Iowa? Is that a state? In the US?

ashley said...

"FAIL - It's not the state fair until someone chickens out of going down the giant slide. This year? Nathan."

Last year? Also Nathan. I have video of him finally coming down with tears running down his face, after Mark and John had to give like 5 tickets each to go up there and rescue him. Poor Nathan!

Emily said...

I feel like I'm always confessing things on your blog. Today - I confess I've not only eaten fried cheesecake on a stick, but I liked it. (when I ate it...not so much 30 minutes after eating it)

merritt said...

I have never, ever seen a butter sculpture at a state fair. Perhaps it is time to give Iowa a chance.