Monday, February 18, 2013

Other Monday Miscellany

So right after I told the internet that my ribs and lungs felt better with each day (why do I say things like that? why? It's like telling the internet your kid sleeps well. LIFE WILL MAKE A LIAR OF YOU, ERIN. STOP DOING THAT.) I had a horrible night and the fading achiness turned to searing pain in my side, so I hauled myself back to the doctor and they did another x-ray.

(Another Nathan asked if they have given me a punch card yet. Fourth one is on the house? Sadly no.)

Well it turns out that the ribcage cartilage inflammation is worse instead of better AND I have a whole new ailment! Irritation in the lung lining itself. Pleurisy: not just for people in the eighteenth century anymore. So for those of you keeping track at home, that's pleurisy, following costochondritis, following pneumonia, following RSV. With the constant stream of Mark/kid illnesses too, of course.

I would heave a huge sigh but HA I can't breathe without pain.


So I have been looking forward to Mark's business trip to Charlotte this week (wait! hear me out!) only because we had worked it out for me to be able to crash his hotel for a night together, and had arrangements for the kids and everything. But now two of our kid-coverers are sick or have sick kids themselves (I mean, obviously, right? Try to look shocked we didn't see that coming). We still might be able to work it out but I'm not a hundred percent sure yet, and I can't decide if it's even worth the effort to go. But the thing is, even though I am sore and sick, I so want that night with Marky. In a hotel room. Grownup stuff (*ahem*) aside, I just want a giant bed in a room I don't have to clean, so I can sleep for hours and hours and hours and then read twitter on my  phone and sleep some more and no one will ask me any questions about making them a pop tart or why they can't wear two shirts but no pants to school and a night off of PEACE AND REST. Yeah I still want that. Terribly. So, it's probably worth the effort of some plan-rearranging to make it happen, right?

I did, however, have a delightful day with the children, painful ribs be darned. We made treats for Mark's business trip and only burned them a little. It only took three trips to the pharmacy to get my meds filled (in related news, I am very close to being ready to break up with my pharmacy). We watched Daniel and Mister Rogers and snuggled. (I am high on the land of make believe right now, y'all.)

Oh! Some milestoney news! Last Friday I gave Charlotte a spoon just to see what she would do (remember she is still eating several months behind most other kids her age) and she totally used it! Correctly!

Until she didn't anymore. (Still adorable.)

Tomorrow is Nathan's 100th day of school, so he made a collection of a hundred things. Anything he wanted. (Well, anything he could attach to paper. So, not actually anything after all. "Not rocks, that's too heavy!" he told me. Um, okay? Got it.) So we did a collection of a hundred things to build with legos. This probably had nothing to do with the fact that a lego book is readily abundant with stickers, which are self-sticking (read: easy for me).

And not to end on a sad note, but my Grandpa S's beloved poodle, Tammy, died this weekend. She was somewhat infamous as his sidekick in Huntersville, and she has been living with my mom (and her menagerie) since Grandpa died in 2009.
That crazy pup had a lovely and bizarre life, and my mom is really sad this week -- not just because of Tammy, but because Tammy was the last bit of her dad, who was the last bit of her family of origin, and, well, if you know my mom by facebook or email or text, send her some love (or comment here, she'll totally see it). Virtual hugs are almost as good as the real thing in this situation, I promise.

Oh here is a not-sad-note something else: Kroger is apparently selling dinosaurs for easter. As if easter dinosaurs are a Thing. I'm not sure I understand, Kroger.
(I mean, I'm not saying I don't want to purchase them. I do. Obviously.)

So pleurisy and Easter Dinosaurs. Just, you know... Monday.

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Emily said...

I've been so busy with our crazy sicknesses that I didn't read your sicky blog news too til just now. Wow. Pleurisy, really?! That's insane!!