Monday, February 25, 2013

Pleurisy Suuuucks

Here are a few of the many things that are painful when you have pluerisy:

- yawning
- putting on a jacket
- picking up children
- putting down children
- getting into the car
- steering the car
- looking over my shoulder to change lines while driving
- pushing a grocery cart
- loading groceries into and out of the car
- closing the back lift door of the van
- going from sitting to standing
- going from sitting to lying down
- going from lying down to sitting
- rolling over in bed
- opening heavy school doors
- taking poopy sheets off a crib mattress
- bathing a toddler covered in poop
- getting things out of the washing machine
- reaching for anything in general
- washing my hair
- drying my hair
- hiccups
- coughing
- sneezing
- breathing

Basically it's a huge pain in my ass side (literally), and it is somehow getting worse instead of better.

Today is not a day when I can laugh it off, or even use perspective (my mom had an injection which resulted in a dropped lung and hospitalization this weekend, which would be scary but she's fine now, and sort of adorable from a sympathy illness perspective) to remind myself it could be worse. I just feel down and discouraged and very very over it right now.

So the moral of the story is, don't get pleurisy. And if you do, cry a lot.


merritt said...

Yes, it sounds like it suuuuucks. Sorry. Wish I could make it better.

ashley said...

Oh my gosh that sounds awful. How long does it normally take to go away?