Saturday, May 4, 2013

Catching Up: Hair, Dentist, Georgia and More

Want to know some unrelated fascinating things that have been going on over here? Of course you do.

I got my hair cut and colored a few weeks ago. After a year-ish as a brunette, I am back to blonde.

I am happy about it. (Apparently all you people are thrilled about it. Mark's reaction when I got home: awww Erin is back! #grin Then my mom had a legitimate hooray! when I texted her a pic. And one lady in my church choir spent the better part of a rehearsal literally petting my hair. Ummm really folks? Was the darker hair really so bad?)


Mark spent a couple days getting the pool ready for the summer, which is a lot of cleaning and skimming and  scrubbing and chem balancing and (of course) ended with pool workers (real ones, not the kids) coming over to change the sand in the pump and replace not one but two chlorinator parts.

Then he and Another Nathan spent the better part of a morning washing and waxing my car AND vacuuming/wiping the inside, and I sat on the driveway and played with the kids and drank coffee.  I didn't hate it, is what I'm saying.

We took Nathan to the dentist for his first real teeth cleaning (we took him a couple summers ago, but they didn't get far because oh man the tantrum). This time he was brave and sweet and a few tears rolled out silently but at the end he got a sticker and a dollar-bin dinosaur and really, what more could you want?

Also I started reading a book on the social and political perceptions of Jesus in each century since he died, because a sweet older lady at church sat next to me in one class long enough to decide that she wants to have coffee with me and talk about it, since she loves it and doesn't know anyone else who has read it. Which basically proves I will do anything for anyone who thinks I am smart?

Or! I just always fall prey to people who want me to read things and talk about them. Read things and talk about them! This is why I majored in English!

(If anyone else would like to read this and talk about it, the book is called Jesus Through the Centuries. But actually come to think of it, there are other things I have read that I would much rather talk to you about. So let's do that instead.) (Related: who would like to be in the book club I just now this second decided I should maybe start?)

Oh and speaking of church we did an Easter cantata this year instead of a requiem during Lent, and if you will indulge a second of liturgial nerdiness, can I just say that it was so lovely? For weeks of extra rehearsals and extra musicians and lots of logistics to put together, this year was particularly unstressful. Cheerful, even. And the worship services were all really beautiful that morning. I felt really high on it afterwards. (I needed to feel high on church. It came at a good time.)

And then I went to Georgia for a couple days! Another Nathan had some conference-planning work to do with a pastor in Macon, so I tagged along as far as Atlanta (I am excellent road trip company, everybody says it) (I probably didn't spend seven hours singing bits one bit of that aforementioned canata, at random) (he is still friends with me) and visited my college best friend David who is graduating from medical school (!!) in a few weeks.

We took barely any pictures but I did learn the proper way to fold a fitted sheet so if you still struggle with that (and who doesn't) then maybe you should go to medical school because that is apparently what you learn there.

I tried my best to teach Another Nathan to say Georgia with a southern drawl (jaaw-ja) and despite being an Iowan who is very very ept at a legit carolina accent, he couldn't quite get this one. He mostly sounded like a midwestern pirate. (Jar-ja.) (I am still friends with him.)

Also in jaaw-ja there was one moment where I was driving Another Nathan's car around downtown Atlanta with David in the passenger seat and my head almost spun off my neck and exploded my brain because worlds colliding and all that.

Oh and then I got to spend the night with Ashley on the way home (second time in just a few weeks! I did it after my haircut also) (yes I still drive to Charlotte for highlights, without shame) and we also did not take any pictures, so.

One crap thing that happened is that I had a major (MAJUH) eff-up on our Thailand trip, and we have exactly half as many miles as we needed (those things are priced each way which DUH ERIN how long did I work in the travel industry?) so despite having dates picked and tickets on hold and childcare all lined up, we were unable to actually issue said tickets, and I have been very busy over here scrambling to make the budget work and feeling heartbroken that... it won't. After ten years (ten years!) of dreaming of this big anniversary trip, I don't think it's going to happen. So now we are sitting around with a chunk of moolah that is enough for something but not enough for Thailand and even though there are lots of things we want that would feel like good anniversary presents to ourselves (a bathroom makeover, all new landscaping, a trip somewhere else, etc etc etc), none of them will be Thailand so excuse me while I go cry a few more minutes and remain spendy-immobile while we decide what to do. (Damn. It.) (Also I just re-read this and my problems sound super privileged and first-worldy and I beg forgiveness because I can hear myself and IT IS ANNOYING.)

Hm I guess that's all that's new and fascinating around here. Oh yeah there was also one delightful day where we thought it was Saturday. (It was not Saturday). Nathan was only an hour late for school. Aaaaand... scene.


Holly said...

I love so many things about this post except for the part where you drove past Greenville and I didn't get a hello or let's grab coffee...but I will forgive you. :)

But seriously, if you start a book club, can I please be in it even though we live four hours apart? K thanks. Oh, and can it not be a brainy book club but rather an interesting fiction book club?

Erin G said...

ahhhhh I totally thought about texting you for lunch but we were so slow that morning and ran behind all day. Next time I PROMISE.

Ken Bumgarner said...

Only if you pick books I like.

ashley said...

We are not reading Tom Clancy, Dad, OH MY GOD.

I guess this means I'm in the club... and apparently calling the shots?

Dot Waugaman said...

Just wanted you to know that Thailand is hot and rainy right now. Your miscalculation on your air miles might have been fortuitous! Thailand will be much better from December through next March. Just a hint—even though it won’t coincide with an anniversary.

Emily said...

True, Chiang Mai in December = beautiful. Also, beachy Thailand in January is also beautiful.

I LOL'd at the Midwestern Pirate. You betcharrr!

Erin G said...

HAHA Emily you just made it even better. :)