Thursday, May 9, 2013

Super Charlotte

You know Charlotte has a number of super powers, right? Yeah, she totally does.

1.) Toothy grin that melts hearts in under a second.

2.) Ability to take shoes on and off more times in one day than is possible for everyday humans. (Or at least ask to have shoes taken on and off. Sooooh? Sooooh? Soooh? Repeat x1000.)

3.) Willingness to answer any question in the affirmative with a nod and a uh-huh. Special power to get people to talk to her, just because we want to ask her things to hear her sweet voice saying uh-huh. Like a question: uh-huh? (I suddenly realize this is a superpower I should video. Get on that, Mommy.)

4.) Brilliant at escapes. I open the back door to air out the house and five minutes later she is off on an adventure with her best animal buddies.

5.) Signature superhero move: the toddling run, laughing, arms outstretched, ends in best hug ever. It's her superpower way to ensure people can't wait to return to her. Because oh, the return greeting.

Yep, I think she's pretty super.


EMU said...

Super Charlotte is SO big! Remember when she was just a glimmer in your eye? I do.

Nate06 said...

Love everything about sweet Charlotte booler

Ken Bumgarner said...

#5 definitely worked on Great Grandpa. He was fascinated by those running hugs.