Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sea Otters in a Box

Our very fancy next door neighbors are moving out of their big fancy house back to a fancy flat in England next week.  The sad news is they are kind and warm and are good neighbors, and they are leaving (although we aren't, like, close or anything). The good news is that they have two tween daughters with lots of childhood leftovers that apparently (understandably) aren't worth hauling back over the Atlantic.

Which means we get them: clothes and movies and books and art supplies and shoes. Normally I resist extra stuff, but this is all useful! And I only take what I want! So, bring it on. Stuff by the boxful.

ALL THAT TO SAY, the kids are glad for hand-me-down gifts, but they are also pretty geeked about big boxes because... well, obviously.

So. Here are my three kids. In a big box. Classic childhood moment?

Oh excuse me, apparently they are not kids, but a special delivery of sea otters. (Yeah I don't know either.)

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marmie said...

well, sea otters in keeping with the move across the ocean thing. Obvious.