Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday to Saturday

Hey! A whole week went by! Lots to tell! It was thrilling! (It was not thrilling.) (It was normal.)

Because of that whole protective-of-Saturdays thing now that Nathan is in school and I feel like our all-together-as-a-family time has become PRECIOUS and GUARDED (raise your hand if you're sick of hearing me say that yet) (y'all put your hands down!), we decided to go have some "family time" at the playground. Which involves all three children running in separate directions and two grownups trying to play zone defense (heck yes I know sports terms). Family togetherness! Obviously!

Anneliese went on the swings:

Charlotte loved and then hated this monkey bar thing:

And Nathan went on the slide and raced in circles pretending to be a spinosaurus and refused to pose for pictures. What was that about five forever? Ahhh new eras.

He did smile for me at the bus stop one day though:

Sometime early this week (Tuesday?) I spent some time cursing preschool homework because IT JUST KEEPS COMING BACK EVERY YEAR. An "all about me" collage. Cute idea, still too much parental involvement required, y'all have heard my spiel a few times before.

So basically this year Anneliese just... didn't want to do it. She put her picture and the letter A and a rainbow and then was ready to turn it in. (I give it two more years before I throw my hands up and let someone* actually do that.) (*It will be Charlotte. Poor third child.)

Anyway Anneliese was a pill and whiny about it, but I was being a whiny pill about it too, so I didn't hold it against her. Finally she thought of some things she would like me to print and add to her page, and I did, and we did, and then she stuck all manner of stickers on it, and we called it a day.

(My favorite is the bed sticker at the bottom. I don't even know.)

For Charlotte's collage (wait let me interject here. she is still a baby. she cannot remotely do this project by herself or even with help. BABY.) I got a little stuck because, um, what are her hobbies and interests? SHE'S TWO. She likes eating yogurt and crayons and ripping pages out of library books. Her life goals are learn to pee in the body and not fall out of her bed at night. That's collage gold right there, y'all.

I desperately wanted to make a collage of her picture smack dab in the middle of some gluesticked ripped book pages, but I didn't. I am not That Mom. Also I am not trying to craft a serial killer persona for my toddler.

Also I maaaaybe had a moment of parenting existential crisis when I realized that when Nathan was two the first time we (I) had to do one of these for him, and I am prrrretty sure I didn't have any problems coming up with his interests and hobbies. Why don't I know what Charlotte likes? My poor third child! Do I not know my kid at all?? Then I suddenly remembered Nathan talked a lot more at this age, which helped, and also that I do know what Charlotte is interested in, of course I do, and it isn't just ripping up library books (although, that too).

(Parenting existential crisis, averted.)

Anyway I found some food wrappers and family pictures and book thumbnails and something something mumble grumble something aaaaaand DONE. It is perfect.

TWO A+ GRADES FOR MOMMY. Through the course of the day I realized I have gotten pretty dang good at this collage thing and I could actually make them for most people I know. You want one? I can be commissioned. It is my new side business. (Side business. On the side of my normal day job and career haaaaaaa.)

Also, quasi-related, can I take a minute and be glad that Mark is the play doh maker in this family? Y'all remember THAT debacle, right? Preschool parenting is some hard ish. I will stick to my genius collage making.


On Wednesday Mark and I were sooooooo looking forward to our first Freedom Wednesday of the school year (everyone in their church and school places, all at the same time, AND Mark wasn't working) but then Nathan was a little vommy and clammy and stayed home, so. *sigh*

Mark decided to use that time instead to clean the pool and backwash the pump, and in the process he accidentally pissed off a NOT SMALL nest of wasps living in our pool pump hut.

Yes, he got stung, and yes, he is fine now. However, holy terrifying pool cleaning day! (He has since sprayed and killed all the wasps and gotten the hive out with a stick of some sort. He said it was heavier than he was expecting. I stayed inside for all of that, because obviously.)

And by the end of the day, Nathan was clearly fine:

On Thursday I went to the spa and had a massage, like any good Real Housewife. (Kidding! I am not that! Thursday was our "weekend" and I will not feel guilty for redeeming my Groupon SO THERE.) It was lovely and relaxing and I creeped a picture of these chairs in the waiting area because I thought they were cool, and also it had been a while since I creeped any pictures.
they look way  more urban fancy feng shui classy relaxy in real life

They are super comfy, too. I was very busy relaxing in one and thinking holistic wellness thoughts (read: checking twitter on my phone) when a lady in black linen scrubs (spas are so weird) offered me some iced herbal tea. She was all, "it's caffeine free!" like that's some kind of BENEFIT. Picture me with very wide eyes.

(I already told this story on twitter. Eh some of you can read it twice.)

After my massage I stayed in creeper mode and did this:

Because it never stops being fun (for me). (Also already tweeted.)

On Friday I took my butt to the mall (looking like a slob and I don't care) in search of easy dresses. I am going to Charleston in a few weeks to hang out with internet friends, which is apparently a thing I do now (?) and if it is an excuse for a new dinner and date dress, then I will be procuring one. I took a lot of dressing room pictures for text opinions. And then I bought a short-sleeved sweater and an iced coffee and went home. Exactly what I came for!

And apparently I couldn't stop taking pics of myself in the mirror because I took another (for text new-shirt approval) (I am learning to wear orange and pink) before I went to dinner with Marky. Yes I wear jeans on dates. Yes I own that bottle of spray dry shampoo on the counter. Yes am leaning on the bathroom wall. Don't pay attention to anything except my really excellent hair day.

And then it was PRECIOUS AND GUARDED FAMILY TIME day again (Mark off work, two Saturdays in a row, his schedule is about to change, we will enjoy it now) so we played hide and seek in the backyard.

Things to know about playing hide and seek with my kids:
1- Anneliese cannot count to forty-four. She tries, then stops somewhere in the teens, then yells forty-four! Good enough.

2- Nathan pretends he can't find the girls when their hiding spots are too easy because some things about him growing up are pretty okay.

3- Charlotte's method of hiding (and seeking) is mostly to run around in circles yelling AH COME! AH COME! which is basically the best part of the game for any of us.

Tonight before bed we ate popcorn and watched the original Toy Story, which none of my kids had actually seen. (Nathan: "hey Rex is in this movie!" Ummm yep that's why he even exists, buddy.) Anneliese is reaping the benefit of being the middlest baby: she gets to hold the popcorn. (She lasted about five minutes before it was too warm* and she handed it to Nathan.) (*Clearly it was not her fleece pants in the lingering summer that was too warm. Definitely the popcorn.)

I'd like to thank my mom for training Bowden to go ape sh!t anytime we make popcorn, and stand around at attention, ready to pounce on any person's missed kernels.

Oh! And also one thing that happened this week is that Charlotte moved from wearing my gym headbands as necklaces, to wearing them as actual headbands.

In my mind this means it is because she wants to be just! like! mommy! so don't tell me anything otherwise, I will just be over here saying awwwwww and taking a million pictures on my phone.

(Thrilling.) (Normal.)


merritt said...

That WAS an ah-mazing hair day you were having!

Also, I feel the same way about Whit as you do with Charlotte in that you don't know what she likes, and I totally agree that it's the talking thing. Thank you for making me feel better about myself.

Emily said...

I so think you should've put the silly things on Charlotte's page. I wrote a ridiculous story about Ted (E. Bear...groan) (you know, the stupid bear that gets sent home with the preschoolers and then the mom has to take stupid pictures and write up a stupid story and put it in a binder for the teachers to read to the kids the next week...because that's entertaining to read "Ted had so much fun with ______ this weekend!" a thousand times a year) I was hoping my ridiculous story made the teachers realize how silly it was. Of course it did not. I guess I *am* that mom. (I don't know whether to sigh or be proud) (James would sigh, for the record)