Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Still Summer, Til Brad Says So

Just wanted to point out, for anyone starting to reeeeeally feel the temptation of sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, that it's actually still summer. For four more days.

Mark and I do not hate September in these parts, because duh.

But even though it is still technically summer, I have decided (since I am the decider of these things, obvs) that fall will start when Brad says it starts, because that sweet brother of mine has not had a real fall in seven years (yes, there are downsides to a life in the Caribbean). Which is both kind of sad and also kind of exciting for him, because fall is so so lovely, right? (Basking in the loveliness is why I have been digging in my heels at the pumpkin-pushers recently. Don't make me sick of the loveliness before the loveliness is even here!)

So whenever Brad says hey! fall! I will have that pumpkin spice latte now! then I won't look at the calendar or the weather, I will just smile and feel happy for him. Welcome back to a life of Carolina autumns, baby bro. They are exactly as wonderful as you remember.

(Marky and I will still be in the pool as many  more weeks as we can stand it, though.)


Bradley Bumgarner said...

We are celebrating our fall by going to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few nights in the middle of October. Can't wait! :)

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ashley said...

For only the second summer in my life (coincidentally, both pregnant summers) I am SOOOO glad it's starting to cool off. Usually I get sad and panicky when it cools off, but this year... VERY thankful.

Also, as soon as Brad deems it appropriate, I need for you to make me a pumpkin cheesecake. You say it's SO! EASY! and yet, I get dizzy just looking at the recipe. So yeah. This preggo needs Erin's Pumpkin Cheesecake. Stat.

Please and thanks!

marmie said...

Pumpkin flavored irish cream........not sure it sounds good, but sounds better than pumpkin cheese cake!