Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adventures With Nathan and Anneliese

Three adventures this week:

1.) On Saturday, I took the kids to a roller-skating party hosted by our church, technically for elementary school kids, but it seemed like the kind of things siblings would tag along to, and Nathan was nervous to try skating without Anneliese (who was chomping at the bit, talking about how much she loooooves roller skating) (?) (she has never been on skates in her life), so I brought her along too.

SPOILER ALERT: They are terrible skaters. Well wait, no. That's not right. Calling them skaters, even terrible ones, is a gross exaggeration and also a generous euphemism. They are terrible at... being humans who wear skates. Let's say that instead.

Basically they both alternated between laughing and sobbing. They loved the skates themselves, and after an hour or so they loved kiiiiiiinda moving around a liiiiiitle bit... on the carpet. But as far as rolling around as a mode of transportation, on a slippery wooden floor? Nope. (Shocking, right?) (When I told them some people like the floor slippery because it helps them skate fast which they find fun, Nathan and Anneliese looked at me like I had lost my fool mind.)

But they kept trying and they didn't want to quit, and they were so encouraging of each other (always easier to cheer someone else on to do something you're scared to do yourself, of course), so we went to Target afterwards for Good-Effort Icees. Yes it was totally a millenial parent move and I am rolling my eyes at myself except not really because I wanted a treat too. (Did you know kid icees are only like a dollar at Target? True story.) (Icees also have caffeine, except the flavors that specifically say they don't have caffeine. Also a true story.)

2.) On Tuesday, I took Anneliese to have a lunch date with Nathan at his school, which she has been asking to do forever and ever, and he was so proud to have her there. His teacher encouraged us to come to the classroom first, and walk down to the cafeteria with them, and we did, Anneliese clutching Nathan's hand the whole way. He helped her know what to do: "Anneliese, we have to walk in the halls with integrity. Integrity means you act right in line without anyone telling you to." (!!!)

We sat at the end of his class's table in the cafeteria, and several of his friends clamored to sit with us, and several of the girls in his class fawned over Anneliese, and the whole thing was very heartening, to see Nathan in his normal environment, doing great and still so welcoming to his little sister. Oh man. It was chaotic but oh so sweet.

3.) This morning, I took Nathan to school early so he could shop at the book fair and of course Anneliese, when she heard what it was, wanted to come too. So we went, and they picked out books, and we sat in his media center and read until he needed to go to class.

And can I just say Y'ALL, the book fair is JUST AS MUCH FUN NOW as it was when we were kids. I got a little swoony. The folding metal shelves! The boxes of bookmarks! The posters! It is all still the same and all still as book fair magical as it always has been. Booooooook faaaaaaaaair!!!!!


april said...

We went to the book fair for family night last Wednesday and Spencer picked a book on Volcanoes and one on Sharks. I had to force a Phineas and Ferb book to go with it.

Elsha said...

Ummm, icees have caffeine, WHAT?! This knowledge makes my day.

Erin G said...

Ooooooh Elsha you can have that can't you!!! Yep, I think the cherry ones (and of course the coke ones) but there is one kind (blue?) that specifically says caffeine-free. I think the others all have it.

Emily said...

I LOVE that picture of Anneliese smiling at lunch with Nathan! They look so happy together!

merritt said...

Dude. I'm so using that integrity line in my discipline with Finn somehow. I love it.