Friday, November 15, 2013

Ten November-So-Far Things

Scenes from our November:

1.) One of Anneliese's favorite things is having "coffee" with me in the mornings. It's just hot chocolate powder in a cup, and I run water through the coffeemaker to make it. Takes twice as long as microwaving, but she loves it ten times as much. That's your parenting math pro tip of the day. (I add a lot of milk to cool it off.)

2.) My favorite summer Charlotte onesie dress has now become a fall tunic with jeggings, and I might like it even better, and hey I am getting kinda good at this wardrobe stretching thing.

3.) Anneliese's birthday outfit also got a fall update. "Mom look I found my purple tights! And Nathan helped me put my skirt on! And my orange coat is in the rainbow tooooo!" Well, I... yeah, I don't know how to argue with that.
When I am out with Anneliese, especially when she creates looks like this (the child has never met a color combo she doesn't think looks super together, no joke), people often comment how I must love hanging out with such a bright and colorful kid. Yeah, I don't know how to argue with that either.

4.) Nathan's sweet Tiger is also still enjoying his birthday party outfit, a month later.

5.) Mark made me fried bananas, a holdover Dutch-by-way-of-the-Indonesians dessert from his childhood. His mom used to make them for us in high school when I was over there for dinner (read: making out). So fried bananas taste like memories and kissing to me.

6.) Charlotte calls these her kitty PJs. Panthers fans everywhere are either awwww-ing or in outrage. One of those.

7.) Nathan has been asking for the pipe organ episode of Mister Rogers every weekend since we were at Montreat (where he saw a photo of Mister Rogers in front of an organ and announced I've never seen that one! Maybe it will be the next one that comes on!) (SPOILER: it has never been the next one that comes on). Finally it occurred to me that I could just maybe find it online, and yep, there it was, ready to be streamed on Amazon.
He watched, entranced, grinning at the special shoes and the pipes and the crawling up into the casing (is that what that's called?) and the magical internet joy of finally after months and months, seeing something you have wanted to see. Best $2 I have spent in a while.

8.) Anneliese isn't always super snuggly with me, but she suddenly is with Mark, and I am simultaneously jealous and melting from the sweetness.

9.) Nathan's bus comes home every day right when Charlotte is finishing naptime, and she is often awake standing on her bed, watching for him out the window. My friend Miranda said this is really cute my day but would be super creepy at night (she totally does it at night too).
And in case you had forgotten how creepydorable age two can be, she also sometimes gives us a puppet show with her animals.

10.) A few weeks ago, Nathan finally earned his necklace and first foot in his before-school walking club thing; after his laps were all added up he had passed the landmark five miles or whatever. He is pretty proud. And cute.

And that's November so far.


Ken Bumgarner said...

Looks like November has been a pretty good month for the Goettsch family. :)

Emily said...

Those first two pictures are overwhelmingly cute!! And I too had a pale white-blonde toddler, (who caused me to scream and wake the whole house during a midnight nursing with Annabel once when I groggily looked over and thought she was a ghost, true story) so I felt no shame in laughing at the idea of how creepy Charlotte must look at night in that window.

Miranda said...