Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for Daddy, by Nathan

It is Thanksgiving and also Mark's birthday, and Nathan has some things he wants to say about that:

happy brthday daddy i am thankful for you.
i am thankful when you tickll me i like it
i like it when you stay home from werk and play with us. you are going too stay home rigit.
and i like it when you do not go too werk you can eat with the family like on thanksgiveing.
i am thankful when we bilde legos is it fun! we bilde big things!
i also like it when we go in the pool.
i also like it when you take me to the bus stop.
i am thankful becos you are nice and funney. you are so good at spelling bee words!
i am thankful when you make us spigettey and pangcakes.
i am thankful becos we can always do some thing speshul.
like take a nap in your big bed.
i am thankful when you say go tigers
i love you daddy ILYSM!!!!!!!!!!
so tell me if you like your cake okey.


Ken Bumgarner said...

That kid is so flippin adorable!

Fetsje said...

I agree with Ken. Precious, cute, heartwarming and adorable!