Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tiny Dancer

So, here is a cute thing that Anneliese has been doing:


She started this summer in a creative movement class at a random chiropractic studio in North Raleigh, just to find a "camp" thing to try, and she really liked it. So this fall, we started her in real dance lessons.

Remember Mark's very first ASP trip? His work group co-leader was this lovely gal from our church named Hillary, who has since opened up a dance school, so she is now Ms Hillary and is Anneliese's teacher and Anneliese loooooves her.
getting fitted for her first ballet shoes

We thought Anneliese would mostly love dance for the shoes (tap and ballet) and the outfits, and don't get me wrong, she totally does. But she also is good at the dancing. What.

She forgot her shoes that day,
but these are the best pics I have remembered to take.

Like, she listens well and copies the movements and remembers the order to do them, and it all feels very foreign to me, since I never did dance as a child and it always seemed like something other people do. To see my kid doing great at it is... weird. And awesome.

(This is Mark and I feel about taekwondo too.)

Charlotte is actually the danciest of all our kids, but she isn't quiiiite old enough to take classes yet. Although she watches through the window and dances along better than I would think she can.

Big sisters have all the fun, don't they Booler?

So, yeah. Dance. It's a thing that is happening.


marmie said...

I am disappointed!! I thought for sure at least one of those pictures would be a video!! I want to see her DANCE!

Miranda said...

Well, OF COURSE she has rainbow leg warmers. Duh.

So stinkin' cute. Send her here so she and Hayley can dance together all the live long day. H is also in a ballet and tap combo and no matter where we are she's practicing. Love it.