Friday, November 22, 2013

Who Wore it Best: Pigtail Edition

{It has been A WEEK and I don't feel like thinking or blogging about any of it, so we are doing this instead.}

Charlotte has reached a new special girly milestone: baby's first pigtails!

Besides suddenly looking waaaay older, which isn't my favorite, her sweet little hair was adorable in those wispy piggy tails, and I LOVED IT.

However, other people (*ahem*) smiled a little, proclaimed her cute enough I guess, but hmmmm odd, and then got all nostalgic about Anneliese's pigtails. Talking something or other about how apparently, Anneliese's curls made the cutest pigtails ever. And precious and lovely though Charlotte may be, if it came down to a Who Wore it Best contest -- curls beat wisps, so Anneliese would win every time.

WELL. That sounds worth exploring.

So, at the risk of setting up our daughters for a future as Kardashian-types, we are pitting them against each other now in a high-stakes hair fashion contest. To keep it fair, instead of a pic of Anneliese's first pigtails (which were a bit younger than Charlotte's), I chose a picture of her at the same age Charlotte is now (two years plus two months).

So. Who wore the pigtails better?

(Winner gets extra parental love. HAHAHAAAOMG SIMMER DOWN I AM KIDDING. Winner gets extra trust fund money to pay for therapy. STILL KIDDING. Probably. No seriously, who wins, wisps or curls?)


Bradley Bumgarner said...

Charlotte wins. 

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ashley said...

Don't make me pick! It's just not fair! They're both sweet and adorable.

Also, Anneliese looks SO. YOUNG. I feel like in my head she hasn't changed that much, but when I see pictures I can't believe how much she's grown.

I love those little girls!!!

Erin said...

It feels really wrong to choose between these two, but I gotta say, I love the wispy pigtails the best. She looks like a little Who from Whoville!

Emily said...

Well, Anneliese. Because she reminds me of Annabel, so it's maybe not a fair competition.

marmie said...

How does Anneliese look so young, and Charlotte look so old??
Next Halloween........or this year visiting SAnta.......Charlotte indeed must dress up as a Who from Whoville!!