Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Saturday

A bird flew into the house right as I sat down to write this post! But then like three seconds after I tweeted about it (and screamed like a little girl) (birds are gross), it flew right back out. So basically that was way less of an adventure than what just flashed before my eyes in a fit of dread.

Also I have officially closed the deck door.

In less exciting news, what I was going to type into this little blog box before nature invaded my space, was this snippet I overheard at the lunch table earlier: "Daddy, guess what's my favorite sauropod that starts with A? No, no, it's not apatosaurus, that's my third favorite." So in case you're curious where we are on the dinosaur thing these days, we're THERE. (Do I laugh or cry?)

Anyway, Mark and Another Nathan are at a movie this afternoon, so I thought this would be a good day to make a chocolate buttermilk cake (WITH COKE IN IT), because why not? Cake is good. This is from Maggie's favorite cookbook ChocolateChocolate, and the best part of how Maggie sent the recipe was the part of the email where she said HAAAA SIFTING! because apparently she and I are the same about that, and yeah nope. I sifted one scoopful, waited to care, still didn't, and sifted no more. It is my way.)

But look how fun baking is with new colorful measuring spoons! Everything good is always better in fun colors. That's my motto. Just go with it.

So basically I messed up in several ways (mostly the frosting, because I carelessly mis-measured, didn't have enough ingredients to fix it, and then compensated for that all wrong (you all want to bake with me now, right?) but it is still delicious! So good! I recommend this cake.

(You put the icing on right out of the oven when the cake is still hot, and apparently my family could not wait til it had cooled, hence the mess. But! Still good!)


End of the day finishing-this-post update: I feel blah and tired, but we played outside, and the cake is still good, and by the time we did showers, Anneliese had bug spray, ketchup, bubbles, and play doh in her hair. Getting that mess detangled caused a sh!tshow of crying we better not re-enact this year, or ever.

Also, I found this picture of Charlotte taking an adorable nap in our bed. I have no idea when Mark took this, and she is doing no such thing now, so let's just pretend, shall we? Okay.


Miranda said...

I hate birds. Like, a lot.

april said...

Ugh - I'm with Miranda. I hate birds too (although if I'm in open eating area and there are cute little finches chirping around the ceiling very far away from my food, I'm okay with that.)

I know I've said it before, but I love your writing style Erin. It's so YOU. I can hear you saying everything you write.