Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week: Milkshakes, Frozen, Air Cello, Bowden

I am a lazy blogger this week (month?) and all I have are snippets of updates, no actual thoughts about anything, which would make me sad if I let myself think about it, so I'm not, I'm just offering a quick brisk clap and some more blogging miscellany.


We had a family date night to Steak 'n Shake (I just amused myself by looking up the correct way to write that, and then got promptly unamused because why is there only one apostrophe? You could use just a letter N and be "cute" (ugh) but if you're going to use one apostrophe to show a missing letter, why not both? Steak-n-shake. I don't know. Gross. I shall henceforth call it only Shake & Shake, which is what Anneliese calls it) and anyway we got this awesome M&M's milkshake, which was not only beautiful but delicious.

Want to know why? See why it looks extra beautiful? Can you imagine why it tasted extra great? No whipped cream. We are not a people of whipped cream. (Well, the kids are, but we won't disown them.) One of the many food things Mark and I can totally agree on: whipped cream never made any food better. Trust us.


We bought Frozen on Tuesday, like everyone else in America. Somewhere between cringing at the word princess when I first carried a girl in my womb five years ago, and this week when I purchased a princess movie on the day it came out, oh I don't know, I don't even know who I am anymore, but I am gladly on board the Disney train. They grabbed me at the Friend Cars (wait, was that even Disney? Pixar? Don't know, don't care, LICENSED CHARACTERS 4 LYFE) and Frozen just melted me (#seewhatIdidthere). This movie is danged delightful.

We had another snowless "snow day" that day (because, of course we did) (I totally understand why They cancel school when the roads are icy, even just a few roads; I know They hate to keep the kids away too, not just for learning purposes but for school lunch purposes and county productivity purposes, I know, I get it, I know I know -- and I rarely complain about school needing to be canceled, because I do understand why -- yet, also, I am over it. All of those truths exist simultaneously, okay? Okay.) so with no real structure to our day, we came right back from the grocery store and shamelessly watched our new movie. Charlotte was just adorable. She knows the whole soundtrack but had never seen the movie, and it blew her little snowman mind, I think.

(I was doing a whole lot of madding things involving warranty claims and changing internet providers and chasing my tail about summer camps, and y'all. I needed some singing snowmen and princesses in my week too.)


Nathan's children's choir sang for the midweek Lenten worship on Wednesday afternoon, which was sweet and lovely, but maybe my favorite part was on the way home when he spent the ride playing air cello along to the Happy song, which I didn't used to love but now I do, because air! cello! I hope Nathan never finds out what is cool and what isn't, because I really just like him a lot, exactly how he is now.


Unrelated to anything, except that I am blogging this from my bed (as one does when one is hiding from house chaos for a few moments), Bowden can no longer jump up on the bed by herself, and it makes me sort of sad. She either sleeps on the couch, or whimpers on the floor nearby til one of us picks her up and pulls her up with us. Over a decade of jumping up easily (from a sitting position! she is a tiny dog! her jumping is impressive!) she suddenly seems... old. We will be procuring some sort of bed-steps for her. Oh yes we will. I looked at a pet supply store this morning to no avail, but I have seen them in the skymall catalog so I know they exist.


Okay it is time for my gym classes. Barbell, then swimming, then a shower in peace, then Target or maybe some mall wandering, followed by dinner ON THE GRILL, and a Roku movie. My weekend starts... now.


k said...

That maraschino cherry keeps staring at me and hypnotizing me into thinking that I need to buy a chocolate milk shake. Now.

Elsha said...

No whipped cream? Really? Not even the excellent homemade stuff? (Brian is a whipped cream purist.) We do have a steak & shake here, so I may need to try one of those milkshakes anyway.

Maybe Nathan will be like me, and find out what's cool and just not care! (I was supremely uncool. Viola player!)

Erin G said...

Okay I will concede that the homemade stuff is way better, but I'm still not sure there is anything I NEED it on. (I let them put it on a starbucks mocha because it comes that way, and because it melts down anyway, and because it has a lid over it so I don't have to see it or think about it.)