Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Random Spring Break Updates

I was having a conversation recently with some teenagers I know, and they were telling me about some kid they knew who got a bad grade and as punishment, since she didn't have a phone to take away, her parents took away her clothes instead. I mean, not all her clothes. Just her cute clothes. So she had to wear jeans and tennis shoes. GASP. Y'all, they were horrified. Jeans! And tennis shoes! Okay this is when I know I have moved into a mom generation because yeah, that still looks totally normal to me. But they were horrified. Appalled. Rallying the troops to bring her different shoes to borrow. They all claimed they would rather have their phones taken away than have to wear jeans! and tennis shoes! to school.

Really? Really??

Okay then. I am clearly a fuddy duddy mom, because I rock some tennis shoes with jeans frequently and without shame.

Also we canceled our cable which has nothing to do with anything except it feels like a giant weight off our shoulders. Also it means we watched the HIMYM finale live like it is still 1998 which was really fun and nostalgic with take-out and excitement and whatever, and then it sucked, and I hated the ending, and it crapped up my mood for a whole evening. Yes, a television show. You can judge me, I don't even care.

So. It is spring break this week. We have been using our staycation time for things like taking Nathan to the dentist, followed promptly by Dunkin Donuts, where Nathan ate a donut with a peep on it (SO GROSS) and drank an iced coffee, much to the judgement of the man working there (who is a little scary anyway) (but it was decaf! and FREE. shut it, dude) and the most lovely part is that we ate outside.

We also spent a morning at a bounce house place, which was very calm and chill and not overrun with children, which I loved. And Mark took the kids to the zoo which they all loved. And we had the carpets steam cleaned this morning because nothing says SPRING BREAK! when you're in your thirties like getting the carpets steam cleaned, right?

The kids were somewhat tired waiting to be allowed back inside after the floors were done. I found this picture on Mark's phone and it made me laugh:

And I found this one which made me grin, because HI BOOLER I LOVE YOUR SMILE:

Oh and also I got a haircut yesterday, which I am feeling sort of meh about, which is why there is no picture. Basically I went into it wanting some highlights, and a trim but not losing a lot of length. Instead, my hair was so super damaged, with burn spots (my hair dryer keeps igniting, which everyone is horrified when I tell them about, but simmer down, I will get a new one soon) and fried ends so high up that we ended up needing to cut off eight inches to get the damaged part (almost) gone. So yeah it is a lot shorter than I was ready for, and it is fine, I know objectively it looks normal and fine or whatever, I have had hair shorter than this many times in my adult life, but I just... wasn't prepared for it this week. I miss my long hair! I am sad! (I will be fine.)


EMU said...

I had to google to find out what HIMYM. Bringing fuddy duddy to a whole new level over here.

Love that Charlotte smile, too!

Hillary said...

Flaming Hairdryers! I call band name. (Also, duuuuuude. Get yourself to a Target.)

I'm kind of curious about the Peep doughnuts. I love Peeps ... but only the yellow ones, so, maybe this isn't for me.

Miranda said...

I'm still raging about the HIMYM finale. HAAAAATED it.

merritt said...

Those parents are quite creative. Props to them. But, how is it that she's a teen and doesn't have a phone?!?! I'm amazed (and love) that.

I can't believe you had 8 inches of hair to cut off! That's loooooong!!! I'm sure it looks great and much healthier!