Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 and 10 Things: Irritating and Impressive

So. A few weeks of bloggety hiatus. Want to know how our January is going? Let's just jump right in:

Things kinda irritating me:

1.) The broken B key on my computer makes me want a whole new laptop.
2.) Really really early mornings. Over it.
3.) Especially when they involve a three-year old who thinks chapstick is for wall art.
4.) My wheezy cough that has made it hurt to breathe for the last week.
5.) The weird weather. First I hated the mugginess, then decided it was okay and I actually liked being warm, then it got really cold and rainy and threatened heavy snow, then no real snow. Not that my sweet southern kids weren't thrilled anyway:
"Mommy mommy it snowed! Can we build a snowman?"

Things kinda impressive to me:

1.) The childrens museum downtown, where we are now members (thanks Nick and Barbara)!
2.) Charlotte walking around everywhere, already.
3.) My new neon coral shoelaces, fashion inspiration from a certain predictable five-year-old. (Neon coral is maybe my new favorite thing.) (They're more neon in real life than this pic. No camera can appropriately capture the neon coral goodness.)

4.) The play set out back. Gifted by Opa and Oma, erected by Mark and a few coworkers, loved by all in this house.

5.) Rex, gifted by Another Nathan. I love anything my kid loves this much.

6.) Mark, who took all three kids to the zoo last Saturday so I could sleep off a church youth lock-in.

7.) Spicy chocolate with popping candy inside. Y'all, find this and purchase it. Stat.

8.) Target's selection of adorable winter sweaters on clearance.

9.) Birthday treats for Another Nathan. I made red cupcakes (from a mix), then our friend Macy made an awesome Iowa cake (she's super talented).

10.) Myself, for finally getting it up to blog again. Praise me and make me feel like I was missed mmmkay?


Holly said...

no, but seriously ... you were missed. when i get behind on my google reader, instead of scrolling through all the new posts, i just go straight to "happy noise" to see if you have a new post. if yes - that's my first read. if no - i sigh a big ol' dramatic sigh and get to reading about other less awesome stuff. :)

this is legitimately a true story.

ashley said...

I do the EXACT same thing as Holly - except I don't really know what a Google reader is. The point is, Happy Noise is ALWAYS my first stop in the blog world, and every day that you don't post, I puff out a huge, disappointed sigh. I even told Mom yesterday that I wanted to text you and say how much I miss your blogging, but I didn't want to nag you or make you feel like you HAD to do it just for me. No pressure, just wanted to let you know how much it means to me when I get to keep up with y'all when we're far apart. But I talked myself out of texting you. I figured you'd blog when you were good and ready.

I love you. Thanks for blogging today.

Ken Bumgarner said...

I miss it too. My first check of the day also. Love your stories.

Ken Bumgarner said...

I miss it too. My first check of the day also. Love your stories.

merritt said...

LOVE those sweaters on Nathan. He is SO frickin' cute. I got some matchy-matchy ones for the boys next year. :)

The playset? AMAZING!!!! Totally jelz.

So happy to see you blogging again. I've missed you. :)

Dot said...

You were missed!

Kelley C said...

I missed you too.

But I'm having a hard time getting in the mood to blog. What's the secret to getting back into it?

Mary said...

Um, yeah, I missed you. And all your fabulously wry comments about life. And the cute pics of the kids.

Gotta have my Erin fix on a regular basis.

EMU said...

I love you too, Erin! And now I have a big happy smile on my face after reading this. True story! :)

Post a link to your alphabet book when you're done. I wanna see it!

Emily said...

Wow looked how loved you are. I love coral. Somehow I missed there is a neon version of coral? Now I need to go find it. (ps. the 8th grade boy in...and believe me, he is alive and kicking and immature...thought it was awesome that you said the word "erected.")

Sarah said...

Missed your blogging and miss you! When am I ever going to get to Raleigh again...? The outside swing set/playhouse is amazing. O wanna play!

Sarah said...

I tried to change the above to "I wanna play," but it wouldn't let me... Weird.

marmie said...

Was that wall-writing chap stick a stocking stuffer? Sorry. :)