Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brad + Marija

Well. My brother Brad has been married for fifteen days. I have a whole week of fun and beach and family pictures to share, but the most important thing, the whole reason for our trip to St Croix, was this wedding. So let's just dwell on that for a minute, shall we?

Okay so the whole background here (the short version), if you haven't heard the story a million times (we Bumgarners are story-tellers) is that we took a trip to St Croix in 2006, back when my mom was newly-embarked on her Path Of Crazy Fitness, and had set the goal to swim a five-mile ocean race. We did it with her, it was fun, it was lovely, and Brad decided he would like to... live there. So he did. Yep.

And we have all been back to visit many times since then.

It's where Mark and I took baby Nathan on our first real family vacation. Mom and Ashley did a beast of a triathlon there one year. It's become Dad and Cathy's excuse for a tropical getaway. It's where Ashley and John got engaged. It's where Brad became a legitimate sea captain. And met his future wife.

St. Croix is an important little dot in the ocean for the Bumgarners, is what I'm saying.

Mostly because of this:
(That's Brad's boss and island mentor and friend back there marrying them.)

Y'all, it was such a lovely wedding. I had never been to a wedding on a beach before, and this was everything I hoped one could be.

A perfect little grove of palm trees by the ocean.

A really excited ring bearer and sister of the groom.

And the rest of us pretty excited too.

My beautiful mother. (I love this picture of us, so much.)

A whole gaggle of Bumgarners (my parents, my siblings, our spouses, our children).

A healthy handful of fussy neices and nephews to bewilder the happy couple. Everything about this picture makes me laugh. Please have babies soon you two, mmkay?

A cool cake with bride/groom starfish on top.

(Best friend from home, managing kiddie antics somewhere in the background.)

A new Bumgarner sister, making Ashley and me unspeakably excited.

And my baby brother, as happy as I have ever ever seen him.

Welcome to our family, Marija. You're the happy-ever-after ending to Brad's St. Croix story, and we could not be more thrilled that you're officially a Bumgarner. We love you both so much.

(So you know, the good photography above is by my talented uncle, Robert. The crappy pics were taken by me, after rum and coke. So, yeah.)


EMU said...

Yay! So glad the trip and wedding went well!

I didn't know Another Nathan went! :)

Fabulous cake toppers!

Great picture of the bride & groom with their gaggle of nieces & nephews. Frame it!

ashley said...

LOVE THIS. So much. So, so much. Once again, you nailed it.

So excited for Brad and Marija!

marmie said...

I am smiling and crying. What a chonicle.