Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fever Week

Last week I felt down, then had a my second bout of random fever recently, then canceled weekend camping plans for weather, then made alternative plans to visit Ashley, which we also canceled because Charlotte (and then Mark) fell sick, because (this just in! brand new information!) families share sickness. Hi I'm new here.

In the middle of a LONG SAD week, I did do the following, though:

1.) Booked a cruise for next month!

2.) Went to a family dinner at the mexican restaurant where a lady gave Charlotte a princess balloon (from her own birthday balloon bouquet? with Disney princesses? mmmkay) just for being cute, which I thought the big kids would hate and complain about, but they were excited for her. She fairly loved it.

3.) Read two books in two days. I should get sick more.

4.) Finally succumbed and took a facebook quiz. At least it wasn't from Buzzfeed though! And yes I am pleased with my internet quiz result:

All my kids love Elsa best, but I am far more charmed by Anna. Also this SAYS I AM FREE-SPIRITED. SO THERE. (Also, Mark is reading that and rolling his eyes about talking my way out of sticky situations, not that I ever dragged him onto trains we didn't have tickets for and then try to hide from the ticket-takers between cars or anything. Nope.)

5.) Complained on twitter about this crap showing up at our church, a month early. Still! Lent! #occupyLent

6.) Filmed Nathan telling his new favorite joke. (If you can't see the embedded video, click this link.)

(And then apparently never got around to posting this because I am so slow and behind but whatever. Posted now.)


marmie said...

And now wait, WHAT? why do you have that fever?

april said...

Yuck - I hope you are through all of that! Was it mono, or did different parts of your family have different things?

Emily said...

Did you forget your ability to get home during a snow storm with three little kids, a friend (who helped, whatever), and a stop at The Finger House? Because I call that a sticky situation.