Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Friend Cars

It's Tuesday and we're on the road!  I'm not savvy enough to be blogging by car (or addicted enough to do it during an already-too-short vacay-date with my husband), so this is one of those pre-scheduled posts.  Hey, even when I'm gone, I aim to amuse (you're welcome, Ashley), so here are a couple of posts about things I'm inevitably missing while we're away.

Things I'm Inevitably Missing #1: The Friend Cars

Like every other three-year-old boy in America, Nathan loves the Cars movie.  He first learned about it when we were at the beach with some friends a few years ago.  They had some of the little cars and trucks that are characters in the movie.  He loved them instantly.
Nathan meets his first friend car (Mack) - Aug 2009

Since then, we have let him watch the movie a handful of times, and we have slowly but surely amassed a decent collection of all the predictable stuff like stickers and books and underwear and crayons and t-shirts and even a pillowcase for special occasions.

napping in the car in his friend car shirt
(his favorite)
 And, of course, the cars themselves. He calls them his friend cars.  (I think because they have faces?  Or they're friends with each other in the movie?) Whatever the reason it started, it has stuck, and we definitely distinguish between the friend cars and the other non-movie matchbox cars and hot wheels.

Normally I cringe at character-licensed stuff.  It's not my thing.  (Also I don't like feeling like a victim of Disney marketing, brilliant though I must admit it is.) But this movie tells a sweet story, we were going to be overrun with matchbox cars anyway, and oh man does Nathan love those friend cars.  He knows their names, their character personalities, which ones are naughty and which ones are nice.  His collection has grown slowly, so every time he gets a new one, he really drinks in every detail. I'm not sure what to make of it, so I'm just calling it sweet.  :)
some of his most oft-photographed subjects

I love it when he earns enough pooping stickers to pick out a new friend car.  I love seeing him ask questions about the friend cars from the new movie (due out soon; we are planning to take him to see it -- his first time in a movie theater! -- for his birthday next month) and try to figure out which characters are up to what, based on their type and detailing and facial expressions.

I can barely remember a time when the friend cars were not part of our daily conversations.  And I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I get a teensy bit (okay more than that) excited when I see new ones in the store that we don't have yet.  I buy them and tuck them away and eagerly wait for Nathan to earn another one so we can open it and look at it together.  Dumb but true.

This is what mommying has turned me into.  Yet I have no shame; I will say it gladly: I love the friend cars too, sweetie.


Sarah said...

Because we are sharing our love for Cars without shame... I might occasionally be heard saying: "My name's Mater. Like Ta-mater, without the Ta." I LOVE Mater. I can't help myself! (P.S. Just think, I'm already like this and I don't even have kids yet!)

YEA for friend cars!

DavidJ said...

For some reason, cinemas seem to be determined to ruin everyone's hearing, so be sure Nathan knows that the movie will be LOUD in the theater. Otherwise...

marmie said...

In 2013, there is a spin off movie called PLANES.......just for Anneliese. No, really, it is for real.

Erin G said...

ok grandpa david, duly noted. ;)

mom- for real? AWESOME! I just found the teaser trailer on youtube and I'm already excited!!! (also, how do you know about this stuff before I do? I feel very mommy-out-of-touch!)...

marmie said...

Didn't quite believe me, huh? Had to check it out?? I KNOW cause I THE Marmie is all knowing when it comes to matters of such import for Anneliese and Nathan.

Erin G said...

ha! No I totally believed you, that's why I was excited to see the trailer! :)